Shop Bulk Deck Screws, Trim Head Screws, & Dock Fasteners

Elevate your decking projects with our premium range of products, including bulk deck screws, trim head deck screws, joist hangers, framing connectors, and post base anchors. When buying deck screws in bulk, our screws are designed with a type 17 point for easy installation and effortlessly secure wood and composite materials. The trim head deck screws have a smaller, more discreet head but provide the same strength as other deck screws. Prevent stripping with their bugle head and square drive design. For secure and reliable dock fastening, our anchoring hardware ensures the stability of your dock in its designated slip. Much like a parking space for boats along the marina or dock, our dock fasteners are engineered for secure mooring. From decking anchors to stainless steel options, we've got all your needs covered. Find the perfect decking tools for a hassle-free experience with Albany County Fasteners!

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