Hex Key Wrenches | Shop Our Allen Keys & Hex Tools

Complete your projects with ease using our durable Hex Key Wrenches from Albany County Fasteners. Also known as Allen Keys or hex tools, these L-shaped hex keys provide maximum turning force in tight spaces. The short arm offers high torque while the long arm reaches recessed fasteners with ease. Our Ergonomic T-Handle Hex Wrench Sets add comfort for repetitive tasks. Whether you need metric or SAE sizes, our hex wrenches fit socket head cap screws on bikes, motors, furniture and more. Shop our full selection of hex key sets at Albany County Fasteners to find the perfect hex tools for assembling and tightening all your projects. Our Allen keys provide versatility, strength and precision fastening for DIYers and professionals alike. Shop our Allen keys and hex tools now at Albany County Fasteners!

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