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C-Clamp Frame Zinc Plated Steel C-Clamp Screws Zinc Plated Steel


Forged C-Clamps are a versatile clamp used to hold a metal or wood workpiece and secure it to a work surface or another workpiece. They are often used in, but not limited to, carpentry and welding. They are called C-clamps because of their C shaped frame, but they are also sometimes called G-Clamps when the c-clamp screw is included giving the entire assembly the appearance of an uppercase G.

C-Clamps with their screws are intended as a temporary means to fasten two objects together by applying inward pressure to their outer surfaces. C-Clamps act as a second set of hands so the user has their hands free to work on the fastened objects.

C-Clamps from Albany County Fasteners are Drop Forged and available in Zinc Plated Steel.

Proudly Manufactured in the USA - Domestic