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Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Mild Steel Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Stainless Steel
Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Aluminum Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Wood, Plastic and Various Materials
Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Concrete, Brick, Masonry, Pavers, Ceramic, Stone, Tile and more Evolution Cold Cut Saw Blades Rated for Wood
Evolution Arbor Reducers 1 Inch to 5/8

Industrial Saw Blades

Quality High Performance Blades for Chop & Circular Saws

Extra Saw Blades for chop saws and circular saws. Cold cut saw blades outperform abrasive saw blades in terms of cutting quality as they are able to make clean cuts without any burring and minimal sparks and dust, providing a workable finish without any additional work.

CAUTION: Abrasive Saws and Cold Cut Saws operate at different Speeds respective to the blade type being used. Cold Cut Saw blades use a significantly lower RPM than abrasive saw blades. Unless you can adjust the RPM, NEVER put a cold cut saw blade in a saw that is rated to use abrasive saw blades as the vibration from the higher RPM can damage or destroy the cold cut saw blade.

Evolution Brand Saw Blades come color coded to match the material that the cutting blades are rated to cut. Below is a table of each material and its respective color and application examples:

Material Color Applications
Mild Steel Navy Blue Square Tube, Angle Iron, Mild Steel Plate, Pipe, Tube, and other Ferrous Metals.
Stainless Steel Yellow Square Tube, Angle Iron, Stainless Steel Plate, Diamond Plate, Pipe, and Tube.
Aluminum Green Grating, extrusions, pipe, and tube. Ideal for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
Multipurpose Orange Mild Steel, aluminum, brass, copper, wood, wood with nails, plastics, plexiglass. Designed for cutting multiple material applications without switching blades.
Diamond Grey Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Stone, Brick, Paving, and other Stone materials.
Wood Black Wood materials like boards or MDF.