Black Ipe Clip Kit - EXTREME - 1050 CT 305SS Contractor Bucket

Black Ipe Clip Kits - EXTREME 1050 CT

1050 Black EXTREME Ipe Clips with Accompanying Fasteners

SKU: 6250-018

The unique design of Ipe clips allow for more tolerance in grooved side profiles while increasing hold-down area, all while remaining hidden and out of sight. Perfect for giving your deck a polished and professional look while allowing room for boards to grow and shrink naturally.

  • 1050 CT
  • Contractor Bucket
  • Black polymer coating on clips
  • Includes additional fasteners necessary for assembly
  • Extreme Clips space deck boards at 3/32" apart
  • Used for air-dried hardwood, composite or PVC decking
  • UV resistant
  • No extra tools required for installation
  • Kit Contains:
    • Ipe Clips
    • Trim Head 305 Stainless Steel Deck Screws
    • Ipe Plugs
    • Drill and Driver Bits

This Ipe Clip Kit has an estimated coverage of 600 sq. ft. assuming 6" wide boards and 16" on center.

Printable Ipe Clip Installation Guide - A Printable Guide with Pictures

All Hidden Deck Fasteners sold by Albany County Fasteners are proudly Made in the USA

USA Made Ipe Clip Kits

1050 Count
Black EXTREME Ipe Clip 5 Gallon Contractor Bucket

Ipe Clips require a slotted or notched board for installation. You can either get pre-slotted wood boards or make your own slots in wood boards with a Router Bit.

Bucket Dimensions (1050CT Kit) - 12-1/2" x 15"

Contractor Bucket Includes The Following:

Quantity Item
1050 Black Ipe Clips - EXTREME
1140 #8 x 2" 305 Stainless Steel T15 Star Drive Trim Head Deck Screws (BLACK)
5 1/8" High Speed Drill Bit
5 T15 Star Drive Bit
1 Instruction Sheet
Ipe Clip Dimensions Ipe Clip Compatibility

Pictured below is how EXTREME Ipe Clips are installed. Screws are installed at a 45 degree angle to hold the decking tight to the joist while allowing one side of the deck board to remain free to contract.

Ipe Clip Installation Contraction

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