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SH-18ST PA External Retaining Ring - 3/16" - Carbon Steel

SH-19ST PA External Retaining Ring - 5mm - Carbon Steel

SH-21ST PA External Retaining Ring - 7/32" - Carbon Steel

SH-23ST PA External Retaining Ring - 15/64", 6mm- Carbon Steel

black rotor clips

External Retaining Rings

Black Retaining Rings - Phosphate Finished Carbon Steel

Axially Installed External Rotor Clips, or Retaining Rings are designed to be installed into a groove on a shaft. Once installed in a groove on a shaft, a portion of these retaining rings protrude from the groove in order to create a shoulder to keep an assembly. PA Style External Retaining Rings are carbon steel with a phosphate finish.

External Retaining Ring Pliers