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Aviation Snips

Aviation Snips

Sheet Metal Cutting Tools

Aviation Snips, also known as Compound Snips and Tin Snips, are cutting tools used to cut and shape sections of sheet metal and duct materials.

Aviation Snips are available in several varieties, each one suited to a specific cut. Because of the awkward and unforgiving nature the material, cutting curved lines into sheet metal can be difficult, which is why variations of the standard snip exist to suit each job. It is also important to keep in mind that the material being cut will be extremely sharp, which is why we recommend using leather gloves and protective eye wear for this application.

Angled snips are also often referred to as offset snips. Left Cut Snips are distinguished by having a red handle. They are best used to cut straight and counterclockwise curves. Right Cut Snips have a green handle and are used to cut straight and clockwise curves. Yellow handled Aviation Snips are most common and used for straight cuts and are available in long cut and notch cut varieties. The blades of each type are slanted towards their indicated direction.

All Aviation Snips from Albany County Fasteners feature drop forged, chrome-molybdenum serrated steel blades for maximum durability and performance.