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1/8" (#4 LF) POP Rivet Large Flange Aluminum

5/32" (#5 LF) POP Rivet Large Flange Aluminum

3/16" (#6 LF) POP Rivet Large Flange Aluminum

Aluminum Pop Rivets

Large Flange POP Rivets

Oversized Aluminum Blind Rivets

Aluminum Large flange pop rivets, also called Oversize Rivets, have a larger washer on the hat than standard POP Rivets. Also known as blind rivets, they are used to connect two pieces of material in quick, efficient way.

Large Flange POP Rivets, also called Blind Rivets, are tubular, comprised of a hat and mandrel; the length of the mandrel is snapped off when installed. Both the hat and mandrel are made of lightweight Aluminum. Aluminum large flange open end blind rivets are made from genuine fine-grade materials to insure consistent error free application from rivet to rivet. A special treatment applied to the rivet insures the mandrel will be encased by the rivet during application.

Aluminum is a common material that is very soft and lightweight. Aluminum alloy may be comprised of several materials including iron, manganese, silicon, copper, zinc and silicon. Aluminum rivets are among the most common aluminum fasteners. Aluminum should never be used with Stainless Steel, corrosion may occur.