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#10 Bugle Head Star Drive Deck Screw 316 Stainless Steel - Hardwood Brown

Painted Head Deck Screws

Brown Painted Bugle Head Star Drive Deck Screws - 316 Stainless Steel

Marine Grade Deck Screws with Brown Painted Heads

316 Stainless Steel Deck Screws are used in applications exposed to harsh environments. In the Decking Industry, these environments are primarily those exposed to salt water, or salt water moisture. 316 Stainless Steel is needed in these environments because it is highly corrosion resistant, and can withstand the salt abrasion, as well as the moisture itself without rusting.

316 Stainless Steel Painted Head Bugle Head Deck Screws feature a flat head that has been painted to closely match the color of the wooden or composite decking boards being used in a deck installation. The purpose of the paint is to make the heads of the screws less noticeable, and create a sleek and smooth looking finish. Stainless Steel Deck Screws in this selection feature a notched Type 17 point for easy installation into deck boards and joists, as well as a shoulder with sharp coarse threads to pull the boards closely together and ensure excellent retention with a snug fit. The double countersink flat bugle head has 6 nibs; utilizes a 6 lobe star drive to reduce cam-out and increase torque; and comes as a chipboard thread screw with partial thread and triple spline (one at the beginning on the thread and two at the end of point).

Painted Head Deck Screws