1/4" (#8) Dome Head Tri Bulb Rivets with Sealing Washer Aluminum

Aluminum Tri-Fold Dome Head Pop Rivets with Sealing Washer

1/4" (#8) Blind Rivet Diameter with EPDM Neoprene Washer

Tri-Bulb Rivets expand in three directions as the mandrel is pulled through them, creating three anchor points on the blind end of the application. They have better retention than a standard pop rivet due to their increased surface area. These rivets also work better in thinner metals without causing damage to the materials. Aluminum Tri-Fold Rivets are used for their high strength to weight ratio, and corrosion resistance.

Dome Head Tri-Fold Aluminum Rivets create a finished look similar to a standard pop rivet, and do not require any special tools for installation (other than a standard riveter).

  • 1/4" or #8 Diameter (Rivet Sizing Chart)
  • Trade Names: Tri Fold Rivets, Bulbing Rivets, Exploding Rivets, Tri Grip Rivets, Trailer Rivets
  • Wildly popular in domestic appliances, plastic components, automotive, trailers, RV, kayaks and sporting goods.
  • Included Neoprene EPDM Washer to seal any gaps
  • Three anchor point grip adds resistance to pull though
  • Wider effective grip range - Excellent as a Multi-Grip Rivet
  • Caulk or sealant is recommended when installing to be truly watertight
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Product Specifications
Additional Sizing Info
Body Diameter
1/4" (Max 0.255" - Min 0.246")
Drill (Hole) Size
1/4" (0.250 - 0.263)
Flange Diameter
0.555 - 0.565
Head Height
Head Style
Includes EPDM Sealing Washer
Product Type
Tri Fold Dome Head Blind Rivet
Rivet Diameter
1/4" (#8, 0.25")
Shear (lbs)
System of Measurement (Unit)
Tensile PSI
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