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Waxed Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

Nylon Lock Nuts with a Waxed Interior to Prevent Thread Galling

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts in this selection feature a waxed interior, which helps to prevent thread galling or fastener seizing that is common in Stainless Steel Fasteners. The threaded interior of these lock nuts are treated with wax to virtually act as an anti-seize without having to actually apply anti-seize to each fastener assembly. Because of this ease of use and time saving property, waxed Nylon Lock Nuts are commonly used on assembly lines in factories, and by anyone looking to save time and still protect their fasteners against thread galling.

A nylon insert lock nut is hex shaped, internally threaded with a nylon insert. The nylon material prevents loosening from vibration and cross threads to stop the nut from backing off of the fastener. The insert deforms elastically over the threads of the screw, but threads are not cut into the nylon. The nylon insert locks the nut in two ways. First, it forces the bottom face of the screw threads against the top face of the nut threads, increasing the friction between the two. Second, the nylon applies a compressive force against the screw itself. They come in a variety of materials.