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Tamper Proof One Way Screws in 18-8 Stainless Steel

Tamper proof security screws, or Tamper resistant security screws, are distinguished by having an unconventional drive, making tampering with the screw more difficult, if not impossible without the matching driver. Security Screws are used for securing materials from being tampered with, such as gutters, license plates, grills in jails, schools, boats and cars. They are also used in food prep and processing areas. You will often see security screws used in bathroom stalls, particularly toilet partitions and other public locations. Security screws in this selection are grade 18-8 or higher stainless steel, which prevents rusting and is corrosion resistant.

One Way Tamper Proof Security Screws (One-way Slotted, One Direction, Irreversible

One Way Screws (sometimes called Irreversible Screws or One Direction Screws) get their name because of their drive style. The head of the fastener features a slotted drive that is designed to instantly cause cam out if the driver is turned in the wrong direction. This makes installation of the screws easy, requiring only a standard slotted bit, but removal of the screw difficult (if not impossible) without the corresponding bit or a specifically designed removal tool. To see how to remove security bolts, please watch the video below.

How To Remove a One Way Security Screw:

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