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Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw Metric Phillips Oval Head Machine Screw Metric
A2 Stainless Steel
A2 Stainless Steel
Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw Metric Torx Pan Head Machine Screw Metric
A2 Stainless Steel
A2 Stainless Steel

Metric Machine Screws

Metric Sized Screws or Small Bolts in a variety of Drive, Head and Thread styles

Metric machine screws are available in quality grade A2 Stainless Steel. Available in Metric Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws, Metric Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws, Torx Pan Head Machine Screws. Metric A2 Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant and rust resistant.

Stainless Steel Phillips Drive Metric Machine Screws

Phillips Machine screws are DIN 7985, ISO 7045 standards specified. in diameters ranging from M2 to M8. These fasteners are often used with nuts as well as driven into tapped holes. In practice, they tend to be mostly available in smaller sizes and the smaller sizes are referred to as screws or less ambiguously as machine screws, although some kinds of machine screw can be referred to as stove bolts.

Stainless Steel Torx Drive 6 Lobe Metric Machine Screws

A2 Stainless Steel Torx is one such pattern that has become very widespread. The main cause of this trend is manufacturing efficiency. Torx and other types are designed so the driver will not slip out of the fastener as will a phillips drive, since the driver is not inherently centered on the fastener.) A benefit/disadvantage of non-typical fasteners (depending on your point of view) is that it can be more difficult for users of a device to disassemble it than if more-common head types were used, but Torx and other drivers are widely available.