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1/4"-20 Hex Tap Bolts Silicon Bronze

5/16"-18 Hex Tap Bolts Silicon Bronze

3/8"-16 Hex Tap Bolts Silicon Bronze

1/2"-13 Hex Tap Bolts Silicon Bronze

Silicon Bronze Tap Bolts

Full Thread Hex Tap Bolts

Silicon Bronze Hex Bolts for Superior Corrosion Resistance

Hex tap bolts are also known as tap screws and are used in applications where the shank is fully threaded to the underside of the hex head. Hex tap bolts have less strength than hex cap screw due to the full thread. Tap bolts are also like over-sized machine screws with larger hex heads for strength.

Silicon bronze fasteners are made of copper, silicon, and various other alloys such as zinc, tin, iron and manganese. Silicon bronze is used in marine environments, corrosive environments, and high heat environments. Often used in plumbing and electrical applications, silicon bronze fasteners are also found on tattoo machines and in power plants.

To complete the assembly in Silicon Bronze shop our selection of matching hex finish nuts and standard flat washers.