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Hex Head Lag Bolts - Silicon Bronze

Hex lag screws in corrosion resistant Silicon Bronze. Lag bolts, also called lag screws, are basically "large wood screws". A typical lag bolt is a 6 inches long with coarse threads of a wood-screw or sheet-metal-screw threadform (but larger). Silicon Bronze Lag Screws in this selection feature an external hex head. The materials are silicon bronze for corrosive, marine, and high heat environments.

Lag bolts are used to lag together lumber framing, to lag machinery feet to wood floors, and other heavy carpentry applications. These fasteners are clearly "screws" when defined by the Machinery's Handbook distinction. The term "lag bolt" has been replaced by "lag screw" in the Machinery's Handbook. However, in the minds of most tradesmen, they are "bolts", simply because they are large, with external-hex heads. In the United Kingdom, lag bolts/screws are known as coach screws or coach bolts.