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Hidden Deck Fasteners

DeckWise Hidden Deck Fasteners & Accessories - An Ipe Clip Brand

Albany County Fasteners proudly carries Hidden Deck Fasteners and Accessories made here in the USA by DeckWise, an Ipe Clip brand. DeckWise has become renowned for its manufacturing of premium quality decking fasteners and decking tools and accessories to create finished decks that are works of art. If currently in the deck planning process you may want to consider using these tools to help make your deck construction easier. Using DeckWise tools can help turn your backyard deck into a professional masterpiece. Whether it is by hiding the fasteners through the use of Ipe Clips, or using a premium finishing oil, DeckWise has created quality products to highlight the natural beauty of a deck that we are excited to offer our customers as an authorized DeckWise Dealer.

Ipe Clips

Ipe Clips

The original DeckWise product, Ipe Clips are used as part of a Hidden Deck Fastener System. Like all Hidden Deck Fasteners, Ipe Clips are designed to make the actual fasteners in a deck as inconspicuous as possible, highlighting the natural beauty and aesthetic of the wood being used. Ipe Clips work by holding each deck board down with a flat top that fits into a groove on the side of the board. Once the board and the clip are aligned, a trim head deck screw is installed through the clip to hold the board to the joist. This system has many practical benefits as well as the look including allowing expansion and movement of the boards to withstand weather, as well as perfectly aligning each board to remove that part of the deck building process. Ipe Clips are the nuts and bolts of a hidden deck fastener system and a premium smooth finished deck. Hidden deck fasteners are perfect for the deck builder looking to create a clean finished product. Ipe Clips are available in Brown, Black, or white to match shadows or decking materials including wood, hardwoods, PVC and composites.

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Ipe Plugs

Ipe Clips

Ipe Plugs, also called Hardwood Plugs, are used as a different method of Hidden Deck Fastening. With the Hardwood Plug (Ipe Plug) method, deck boards are still face mounted to the joists using traditional deck screws, however each screw is hidden under a wooden plug to create a more natural wood looking finish. It is a multi-step method where a pilot hole is drilled and countersunk for each fastener. The deck screw is installed in the countersunk hole to hold the board to the joist. Ipe plugs are perfect for deck building where hiding the screws are a priority. Wood glue is then applied on the edge of the countersink to accept a wooden plug that matches the deck board, thus hiding the head of the fastener (and creating a sleek finished look!).

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Painted Head Deck Screws

Ipe Clips

Painted Head Deck Screws by DeckWise are designed with Colormatch Technology to closely resemble the decking material being used or a deck board's shadow when used with Ipe Clips. Painted Head Deck Screws are available in 305 or 316 Stainless Steel for applications exposed to fresh or salt water moisture. They are designed with an auger Type 17 point and sharp coarse threads for simple installation and maximum retention in hardwoods, thermally modified softwoods, PT softwoods and composite decking materials. Painted head Deck Screws from DeckWise are Star Drive, which allows for a higher torque (and faster!) installation while still making the screw resistant to stripping and cam out, making them an essential consideration for deck construction.

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Decking Tools and Accessories

Ipe Clips

As a manufacturer of premium deck fasteners DeckWise knows what goes into building a deck. Because they know the process (and the pain points of deck building) DeckWise design quality tools and finishes to help the job go as quickly and as easily as possible. Additionally, highlighting the natural beauty of exotic hardwoods used for decking is the goal of the company. To achieve this, they produce premium accessories to make this process as simple and efficient as possible to create beautiful decks. These tools are perfect for deck construction and will lend a hand to everyone from the DIY backyard deck builder to the professionals.

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Build a Beautiful Deck with DeckWise Premium Hidden Deck Fasteners & Accessories!

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