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Stainless Steel Deck Screws

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Stainless Steel Deck Screws, Joist Hangers, and Post Bases for Wooden Beams

Stainless Steel Deck Screws are corrosion resistant making them durable and able to withstand exterior installation and weather conditions without losing their quality. These stainless steel deck screws feature a type 17 point, which allows for an easy installation in wood and composite deck materials. Deck screws in this selection feature either a bugle or a trim head with a square or star drive to eliminate the stripping effect sometimes experienced with other types of drives, ensuring easy installation. Decking Accessories and tools can be useful for preserving, maintaining or replacing beaten or warped deck boards.

Stainless steel is used primarily for long lasting applications, due to its corrosion-resistant nature and durability. Scratching or burring the metal will not create surface rust as the corrosion resistance exists within the metal itself. Stainless steel is a soft metal due to the low carbon content, therefore most stainless steel bolts are cold-formed and not heat treated or thru-hardened. Cold forming and threading causes stainless steel bolts to become slightly magnetic, some fasteners will be more magnetic than others depending on size and how quick the cold forming process is. Stainless steel fasteners are typically a clean silver color, which also makes them common in finishing and decorative applications. Stainless Steel should never be used with aluminum, corrosion may occur.

305 Stainless Steel Decking Fasteners & Connectors

(17%-19% Chrome, 8%-10% Nickel, .12% Maximum Carbon) - This grade has been developed specifically to improve the cold heading qualities of 18-8. Corrosion resistance and physical qualities are equal to Type 304. 305 stainless steel is most commonly used to make deck screws, which are used to fasten wood or composite boards to the main beams of a deck.

316 Stainless Steel Decking Fasteners & Connectors

(16%-18% Chrome, 10%-14% Nickel, .08% Maximum Carbon, 2.00% Maximum Molybdenum) This grade of stainless steel is used and recommended for applications in severe, harsh or marine environments. Its corrosion resistance is greater than 18-8 stainless, which is why we recommend using 316 stainless steel fasteners for salt water application. It is important to remember that even the salt in the air near a body of salt water can do damage to dry applications, so 316 is the material of choice. Common applications of 316 stainless steel fasteners include use on boats, docks, piers, and pools.