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Customer Testimonials:

March 13, 2017

Greetings! Again, thank you for your help! I sincerely appreciate Albany County Fasteners being honest and caring towards their customers. I have had difficulty with online orders recently (recieved wrong parts from several companies). Their customer service left a bad taste in my mouth; each one made me pay return shipping and re-stocking fees even though the mistakes were theirs (And I was left without the parts I needed). I had no choice. Needless to say, I won't be giving them one red cent ever again. Your company has always been excellent and it is a pleasure doing business with you. The free shipping over $35 and no minimum order is awesome for a "piece-meal orderer" like myself, who needs smaller quantities for my restoration projects. I have and continue to recommend Albany County Fasteners to everyone I know. $1.50 refund may not seem like a big deal, but the principle of it is to me! Please share this positive feedback with whomever it may concern. Thanks again and stay warm!

Kind regards, Steve E, Ohio

March 11, 2016

You all are great! I am attaching pictures of the battling Bots that our kids made. You have been wonderful to work with and I am sure we will order from you again in the future.

Stephanie P.

May 8, 2016


After 3 orders from you I am so pleased with your quality and service, and I never realized how much money I could have saved over the years if I had purchased nuts, bolts, washers, etc. from you, here is a picture of a gate I built using carriage head bolts and now will add large fender washers to accent the bolt heads. Your shipping is perfect, always on time or earlier. Thanks for everything and I will be a returning customer.

Bob L.

March 23, 2016

Hey Guys and Girls -

My order wasn't very big but I appreciate the free shipping. The order was accurately filled and delivered within 3 days for free. So many hardware sites charge much more for small quantities. Thanks so much!


August 11, 2016

Dear Albany County Fasteners

As a recent first time customer, I studied my needs for an enclosed
trailer restoration, found your web site (VERY efficient), and was
able to easily find EVERYTHING I needed.
Everything is the operative word. Finding all in one place simply
does not happen or. so I thought.
I called to place an order with the product numbers in hand.

From there on. I can only describe my experience as EXCELLENT.
The order was taken over the phone with precision and processed
The order was packaged wonderfully, GREAT LABELING and PACKAGING
The order arrived FAST
The product was EVERYTHING I hoped for.

I will confidently pass along my experience to anyone that has need
and understands the value you offer.

Thank you,

J.R. Miller
Mt. Pleasant SC
September 25, 2015

Products: Excellent! FIVE STARS!
Packaging: Excellent! Everything was separately packaged and labeled in high quality sealed bags. FIVE STARS!

Shipment: The order shipped out MUCH FASTER than I thought and everything was included in the same shipment. FIVE STARS!


I WILL be placing another order and I will tell my friends about the great service and high quality products you sell.

Keep up the good work!!!

May 15, 2015

Hi ACF Support -

I wanted to say how much I loved shopping on your website. I used to be a Bolt Depot customer, but not anymore. Your prices are better, your shipping is free, and Anna was so nice when she took my order. My fasteners got here in two days and I paid half of what I would have paid at Home Depot or Fastenal. Thanks Albany!

David C

May 2, 2015

Hello, I was just writing to express my thanks for the products and services that your company offers. About a year ago I made my first purchase from your company via an ebay listing. Just a small pack of allen wrenches, quantity of 10 or 25 perhaps that we were going to be including with some of the products that we offered. The price that you offered could not be beat and I quickly found the shipping time to be more than adequate. As a small business we needed access to a moderate quantity of these types of products without paying the extreme markup of the retail stores and without ordering thousands of the same piece at the same time. Your company has been able to fill that void. Since then we have grown quite considerably. I now place orders for the same products in quantities of 100 or 250 at a time, which by the way, I love that you offer all of those products in stepped quantities not just bulk or individual prices. I've also found several other products that we are now sourcing through your company and an additional one today. So with that said, thanks again your company is a huge asset to ours.

James C.

November 11, 2011

Hey guys,

Maybe this is one of those inspirational notes you can hang in a break room or something but I simply needed to pass on a proper thank you to you guys.

I have made a few orders now and you all have hit it out of the park each time. Your average has been 3 days total from the order to having parts in my hands. Incredible. The bags are thick and the thermal-seal is wide and well done. Labels are well printed and clear. The parts themselves are perfect --I have yet to run across a funky head or a bad thread. Not to mention the fact that it is all stainless --and under 3 bucks for 100 of 'em? Awesome.

I have dealt with so many companies and suppliers that take the customer for granted, it is nice to finally catch someone doing something right.

Here's the bottom line, something I teach my kids - In this world, there are 2 kinds of folks: People who simply give a shit and those that don't. (Pardon my language). You guys do and it shows. Talk is cheap, getting my parts in my hands in 3 days is priceless. Thanks, you have a customer for life.

Keep up the good work,
Chris the Carpenter

June 19, 2012


I dealt with Anna when I had troubles with my order but this will cover everybody in this company. I can't say enough good things about you guys and feedback won't tell the whole story. Your customer service is second to none and extremely helpful, your product is amazingly high quality, your prices take the market by storm being better then competitive they are the best, and your shipping times have left my head spinning. Thanks for one of the best buying experiences I have ever had.

Thanks so much!


ON, Canada

July 9, 2012

Thanks a million. Got the package today with the correct screws. I really appreciate everything you've done. You have a customer for life. I also shipped the package back to you today contianing the wrong screws, you should get the envelope Wednesday or Thursday.
Thanks again,

August 5, 2012

I ordered Thursday morning around 11am. Shipped same day standard shipping and received the order Saturday afternoon.

Outstanding service, Thank you,

R. Fraser

September 10, 2012

Hello Anna,

Just want to say it was a pleasure speaking with you in regards to my order.

As you know in this day and age, personal customer service is becoming less and less. For me it was sure great to have someone as nice and helpful as you were, on the other end of the phone!

To me its says alot about ACF as to their customer service, as they certainly have the right person in place for the job.

Best regards,


September 11, 2012

Good Morning,

This morning I opened a recent purchase that I had bought last week. The first thing I saw in the package was the American Flag. Today is 9/11. Thank You for this reminder of what a great country we live in.

Although I have never been to Poughkeepsie, in the last year I have been to and stayed in Newburgh and Fishkill. My son is a second year cadet at West Point. Yet another not so gentle reminder of 9/11 and our current war on terror.

Have a Great Day!


PS: My order was perfect

September 13, 2012

Hello ACF Folks,

Thanx for these great listings, lightning-fast shipping, excellent quality and by far the best prices I've ever seen.

I got the rest of my order today and I'm so pleased...

You have afforded me the luxury of totally restocking my hobby parts drawer with 7500 pieces of small fasteners 'delivered' for less than $100.00 !!!!!!

You certainly shall receive complete pos FB...



February 5, 2014

Hi Albanycountyfasteners - Just wanted to let you know that your products, pricing and service are all top-notch, so thanks very much! But what made my experience even better was seeing the American flag that you had on the card that you enclosed! I always enjoy seeing our flag - especially when it's incorporated by an American business like yours. Keep up the great work (and image!).

Thanks again,
Mike T

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